Turnaround and Chutzpah at Danforth Mosque

by on June 24, 2012  •  In Mosque Disputes

It seems bad feelings are still lingering at the Danforth Community Center (“DCC”) which operates the Baitul Aman Masjid at 3114 Danforth Avenue in Toronto.

Members of the DCC, who are primarily of Bangladeshi origin, were involved in bitter litigation in the Fall of 2011, partially arising from the suspension of certain members, which led to a number of court appearances.  The judge’s first Sept12.2011 decision was sad enough outlining the issues involved that could only be resolved by a special election.  However, the election results themselves turned out to be confusing and divisive as seen in the post-election November 1, 2011 decision.

The 2011 elections resulted in a change of control.  Thereafter in late May 2012, the new Board issued suspensions of a number of members itself (perhaps up to 20% of its membership), including those that were formerly in control, citing a number of sensational allegations.  The DCC By-Laws contain a process for resolution of disputes including final determination of the state of suspended members by an Arbitration Committee.  However, in what can only be called an act of “chutzpah”, before the process has run its course and the Arbitration Committee has made a final decision, the DCC Board called an AGM for June 24, 2012 which included on its Agenda items the amendment to its By-Laws affecting membership and governance structures.  So, here you have an important meeting at which a substantial number of recently suspended members are unable to be heard, vote, or participate in any other way.

Where will this lead?  Stay tuned.


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